Mendocino Lindyhop welcomes Al Mayberry & Mary DeLave to our dance community

"Seasoned Lindyhoppers", Mary & Al recently moved to the South Coast from the San Francisco Bay Area and have become regulars at our Friday Night Dance Scene. They are excellent teachers and are currently offering a monthly series of classes each Tuesday at the Gualala Art Center (drop ins welcome)  They are also offering private lessons before our weekly dance.

Art work by Mary Delave

"We love to Swing Dance and are working to build a community of Swing Dancers in Southern Mendocino County, and surrounding towns. We started teaching in 2013 in Marin County Calif.
Our lessons are focused on East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop basics. We emphasis connection / communication skills that help you to sync up with a variety of dance partners for dynamic Swing Dancing. Helping people to have fun on the dance floor is our main goal!​"
Al Mayberry & Mary DeLave

Gualala Swing Dance

Contact • 415.858.2886 or 415.858.2834

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