Friday 5-26-17  

No one has contributed more to the Lindy Hop than Frankie Manning -- as a dancer, innovator and choreographer. For much of his lifetime he was an unofficial Ambassador of Lindy Hop. Originally touring as a dancer and choreographer with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in the 30's and 40's, he helped spread the popularity of the Lindy Hop through three continents.
Once again, since the swing dance revival that started in the 1980s, Frank Manning was a driving force worldwide with his teaching, choreography and performance. His own love of swing music and dancing was contagious as his dazzling smile.

 Although legendary Lindy hopper Frankie Manning passed away in 2009, his spirit lives on in the hearts and feet of swing dancers around the world. Frankie’s deepest wish was that swing dancing live on.

Come out Friday Night to the Weller House Ballroom to help us celebrate Frankie's Birthday with a hoppin' dance party. Be ready to do some shim-sham'n!

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