Friday 5-5-17
**** On April 26th, a catastrophic fire ripped through a building housing a number of studios, including fellow swing dancer Erica Fielder's studio. Fire, smoke, and water destroyed 30 years of her artwork, supplies, studio furnishings, and equipment. She needs to begin to create an adequate new studio and raise capital to rebuild her business. You can help support Erica in this process at:
 Erica Fielder
PO Box 1075
Mendocino, California 95460

 **** Friday Night Swing Dance lesson 6:30-7:00PM: We will be helping everyone go over and reinforce what we learned at the workshop for the next few weeks before the dance. Try to be there. (always free)

Wednesday 5-3-17

**** Thank you to everyone who came out for the J&B workshop. Because of you, the workshop was a resounding success, but more importantly, we will all benefit from the new skills each one of us learned, which enhance and help build our Lindy community. Also, special thanks to Craig and Bonnie for a tremendous job making this happen. We will be looking into hopefully having another workshop six months from now with other awesome instructors and also getting Jean and Bromley (and Avery) back next year. Please use the contact form below, to send us feedback about the workshop, e.g. suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc. We welcome all feedback!

**** A Special thanks to Jerry who did a excellent job DJ-ing our Friday Night Swing Dance. We would love to have him back and hopefully for special dance parties.

** Because we always dance every Friday at the Weller House, it seems redundant to send out an announcement every week and fill your inbox with unnecessary emails. Therefore, subscribers will only receive an email if we CANCEL the "Friday Night Swing Dance" that particular week; or if there is a recommended Lindy-able dance event; or if there is something important to announce. ( A good reason to Subscribe to Mendocino Lindy Hop )

See you on the dance floor! -Stan
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We welcome all feedback!
Please use the contact form below to send us suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc. Also, if you would like to share any pictures, videos or anything you or others might like to see on this site, please send it to info@mendocinolindyhop.orgBookmark this site in order to visit whenever you feel the urge. 

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